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Kid Friendly Snack Bundle
Kid Friendly Snack Bundle

Kid Friendly Snack Bundle

Your Favorite Non-Spicy Snacks
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The Perfect Snack Pack for Kids and Adults Alike!

Introducing Bali Forages' Kid-Friendly Snack Bundle, a delicious and nutritious selection of our finest non-spicy snacks. This bundle is perfect for families looking for tasty, high-protein treats without any added sugars or preservatives. Each product is crafted to provide the ultimate snacking experience, ideal for active adults and growing kids.

What's Included:

  1. Chicken Chips Original (35 grams):

    • Crispy, savory fusion of potato chips and chicken jerky.
  2. Beef Chips Original (35 grams):

    • Thinly sliced, crispy, and crunchy beef chips.
  3. Beef Jerky Original (50 grams):

    • Savory and umami-flavored beef jerky.
  4. Beef Chips Teriyaki (35 grams):

    • Sweet and savory beef chips with a teriyaki twist.
  5. Beef Jerky Teriyaki (50 grams):

    • Teriyaki-flavored beef jerky with a hint of sweetness.
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Do you use any added fillers or preservatives?
No. We use 100% whole food ingredients.
Are your products allergen free?

Any products that contain any of the top 8 allergens or has any chance of contact with these allergens is labeled as such. We take the risk of allergens very seriously and have made our manufacturing facilities follow a stringent allergen management policy.

What is the shelf life?
7 months. After opening, keep sealed in a cool, dry place.
Are your products halal?