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Banyuwangi Oyster Farm

Our oysters are sustainably harvested from the vibrant ocean waters of East Java, where rich ocean currents flow through Bali and Java. Located in a bay in the vicinity of Banyuwangi’s national park, the farm is surrounded by mangroves and protected clear waters. The family-owned farm has been cultivating these oysters for the past 10 years.

Oyster farming has a positive impact on the environment and is often used in the restoration of marine ecosystems. Natural biofilters, oysters are carbon positive. Oceans and forests are the two biggest carbon absorbers. However, as plants and algae die, these carbons are released back into the atmosphere. Oysters and other bivalves capture carbon and turn it into calcium carbonate. Which means the carbon that is captured is being mineralized and solidified, and thus, more difficult to be released back to the atmosphere. Oysters and other bivalves are considered keystone species and are indispensable to balancing ocean acidification and ocean restoration.

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